Raising the bar

This post is about raising the bar. Soap bar, that is.

I first heard about The Soap Factory at a friend’s blog. She didn’t rave about sweet-smelling soaps nor did she rave about skin-softening properties and ingredients. What she raved about was how the soaps looked yummy enough to eat. In her blog were photos of soaps shaped like cupcakes and donuts. Yum!

soap factory_mini cakes

Another friend, in some serendipitous twist, gifted me last Christmas with a bar of peppermint soap from (surprise, surprise!) The Soap Factory. I liked the cooling sensation the peppermint bar gave me whenever I’d take a shower, so I was happy to find out one day, while shopping with that same friend, that there’s a Soap Factory branch at The Block. Squee!

Since then, I’ve been a regular buyer of these delicious bars of soap. While their fancy cake-like creations seem like fun soaps to use, the bars are fine with me since a soap is a soap anyway. They’re meant to clean the skin, and that’s what these soaps do best.

You know how I know that their soaps make my skin squeaky clean?

*leans in closer to whisper* One Sunday, before waxing my legs at home, I cleaned ’em up first using the Beer Sudz soap. When I peeled off the wax strip, I was pleased to see how the little strands of hair disappeared in just one swift peeling motion. And the result, of course, was smooth, soft, hairless legs. *switches back to normal speaking voice*

I also attribute the clean feeling to the natural ingredients used. These soaps are chemical-free and handmade to perfection. So each soap really is special.

What I’ve noticed about the soaps at the supermarket is that these soaps usually take time to dissolve from your skin, whereas chemical-free soaps (like the ones sold at The Soap Factory) seem to just softly melt away with just one swish of water. The latter makes me feel cleaner faster, and the faster, the better. =)

soap factory_cake

As for customer service, the sales peeps at The Block may not know me by my name (yet), but they sure do recognize me when I visit. They even have a ready smile for me already. And when you ask them about their products, they sure can answer your query properly. Coolness. Nothing beats a store with sales peeps who know what they’re selling. It makes choosing and buying easier and stress-free.

The soaps are admittedly more expensive than your normal supermarket soap, though. But its being chemical-free and specially handmade (plus the friendly sales peeps) more than make up for the price. Besides, we have to support the bright entrepreneurs who thought of these yummy, colorful creations!

Which reminds me…I only have one bar of soap left in my stock. Have to make that trip to their The Block branch again for my soap fix.  =)


7 comments on “Raising the bar

  1. Yum 🙂 Those soaps look deceptively delish. I wonder how their soaps compare to Soap Opera. Have you ever tried anything from that store?

    • Currently using their tomato soap. It’s soft on the skin, like all the other Soap Factory soaps. The beer soap was so much fun to use. Loved smelling like beer after every shower, LOL! =) I think I’ll be able to try all their soap variants by early next year, LOL! =)

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