Aqua Lily lurve!

If I had the purchasing power, I would support The Body Shop. The company espouses values that empower: It activates self-esteem, is against animal testing, supports community trade, protects our planet by seeking out renewable resources and sustainable raw ingredients, and believes in defending human rights.


I first used something from The Body Shop when the president of the company I worked for in my first job gifted us all with shower gel sets for Christmas 2003. Back then, I just viewed the gels as just another expensive beauty product that I was lucky to have. I used the stuff sparingly so I would enjoy it a wee bit longer. I loved every session I had with that shower set.

A few months later, I was gifted with a small bottle of luxurious lotion from The Body Shop when the PR of a mobile phone company (still in my first job at a magazine) sent one as a “teaser” for a product launch. Again, I loved it. And again, I used it sparingly to enjoy the lotion longer.

Two years later, I was itching for an eye gel that was safe to use but reasonably priced. I thought of The Body Shop. But of course, I had to make sure it was AFTER payday and that I had no other big-ticket expense before I made my purchase. By this time, I already went corporate but for some reason, I still could not afford an all-out product binge. As with my other Body Shop experiences, I used my eye gel sparingly. That eye gel lasted me about a year or so.

My brother uses their Tea Tree range because he feels it is the best product for his skin. And of course, because he can afford it. He earns about triple my salary.

body shop tea tree

My new-found environmental consciousness has made this wish to up my purchasing power so I could support socially responsible companies, among other things (such as my desire to buy a house, to eat good food, to see the world, and to study abroad), just a tad stronger. But I’ve got no worries now, even if I’m no longer part of the corporate jungle, thanks to the affordable and all-Filipino organic products from Human Nature.

But if there’s an ongoing sale at The Body Shop and I can afford it, of course I would support it. But not before supporting Human Nature first. I was thinking, maybe I can buy makeup from The Body Shop since Human Nature doesn’t sell some yet…

In the coming days, I shall be using both companies’ products since I have my Human Nature toiletries and my cousin, who’s here in the Philippines on vacation, gifted me with this lovely Aqua Lily Perfect Pamper set from The Body Shop.

Body Shop Aqua-Lily-PerfectPamper

It consists of an Aqua Lily Eau de Toilette, an Aqua Lily Body Lotion, an Aqua Lily Shower Gel, an Aqua PEVA Bath Lily, and a re-usable canvass bag where I can put my makeup, jewelry and accessories. I’ve sprayed some of the fragrance on my wrist and I love the light, fresh smell. This is another one of those days when I feel lucky to be gifted with little luxuries from God. Majority of the people where I live don’t even know that The Body Shop and Human Nature exists. And I hope that soon, more people will feel the little, leaping joy that I’m feeling.


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