Human Nature has got some cool changes, yey!

Thanks!There’s something new about Human Nature products whenever I buy. One time, it was the online buying rules (from free delivery of orders PhP 500 and up to a flat shipping rate of PhP 50). Another time, it was the bottle graphics which sported a livelier design.

Last Tuesday, when my online orders arrived at my doorstep, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the packaging has changed–for the better, of course. What used to be cylindrical and bulky shampoo bottles are now flat and stack-able ones that’s space-saving especially for frequent travelers (like me!). What used to be round lotion bottles with flip-top caps are now round pump bottles so the product is easy to dispense. What used to be simple graphics on the bottles are now more classy and colorful. Coolness!

Weeks ago, I heard from my friend Rachel, who plans to be a Human Nature distributor in the near future, that HN has changed their packaging, but I didn’t expect to be too pleasantly surprised. The changes are awesome! Bottle design–from round to flat–may be a small thing, but it IS something significant for me since I like packing as little stuff as possible in my luggage when I travel.

I visited the Human Nature website today and saw that even their lip balm range now has changed from pot to tube containers. Yey! I’ve always liked tube balms and lipsticks better than the ones in pots. I think it’s more sanitary to swipe the tube on your puckers than to dab your pinkie on the pot before swiping it on your lips. You never really know what kind of germs your fingers has caught, right?

It seems HN is getting better and better. I wonder what they’ll come up with next. My suggestion: A refilling station for all their products so that our empty bottles will be reused again and so that trash thrown will be reduced. What do you think? =)


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