Beyond buying Filipino

Beyond "Buy Filipino" at

We need to go beyond Buy Filipino.

Yesterday I almost bought face powder at a known Filipino beauty store, but balked when I checked the label. It listed too many chemicals — Would I really want all those scientific-sounding ingredients to seep into my skin?  The answer, of course, is no.

A year ago, I would have no second thoughts at whipping out my wallet for a Filipino-made product like that. But my new-found environmental and health consciousness is making me re-examine my “Buy Filipino” belief. Is the fact that a product was made by a Filipino company enough reason to support it? Are efficacy and affordability enough? What about safety? That is, safety in terms of our health and our environment?

At which point I realized that it is simply not enough to Buy Filipino. We need to go beyond that. We need to support Filipino companies that are committed to providing us with quality products that are safe both for us and for the earth.

In relation to that, we also need to support Filipino companies that are committed to taking good care of their employees by giving fair compensation packages and ensuring good working conditions. That’s the primary way of keeping their products and services topnotch.

We are, after all, willing to support their products because we believe in their ability and commitment to provide us with our needs. Shouldn’t we receive the same support in terms of personal health and environmental sustainability?


2 comments on “Beyond buying Filipino

  1. For me, the best combination is Filipino AND organic.

    Hmmm… methinks you’d be interested in Michael Pollan’s books. They’re about food and, albeit indirectly, being green.

    Congratulations on being listed in the Best Green Blogs Directory.


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