An “Aha! Moment” in Communication while in my Environment, Culture and Society class

I am a M.A. Communication student interested in environmental issues. Yesterday, while my teacher was telling us how most Western societies treat the environment as an entity to be conquered and used (totally the opposite from the East, where Buddhism was born), I began thinking of how my English Literature classes in high school and college spoke of conflict in terms of Man vs. Man, Man vs.  Society, Man vs. Self, Man vs. Machine and (gasp!) Man vs. Nature.

We see this Man vs. Nature conflict frequently in Hollywood movies, the most recent of which is “2012“. I think it is interesting not just how Westerners regard nature as an adversary, but how this idea and culture is spread in light of globalization. How much impact do Hollywood movies have in other cultures, especially those in Eastern, developing countries? And what kinds of impact do these movies have?

Ah, that is research that excites me. I. Will. Investigate. I guess, if no other compelling issue catches my interest, that someone now has a topic for her individual paper in class! LOL! =)


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