Communication’s contribution to the environmental discourse

Today, after attending a forum on health care issues in the Philippines, I realized that the environment is a peripheral issue. The speaker did not focus on the environment, but he did mention how a polluted place breeds diseases and other problems.

This made me think of my required readings for my Environment, Culture and Society class for this week, and how sociology and anthropology are getting into this whole environmental discourse. And it’s not just sociologists and anthropologists, mind you. What used to be the sole domain of scientists decades ago are now engaged by people from all walks of life: economists, policy-makers, lawyers, journalists and many more.

In one of my readings, this anthropologist advocated for a multidisciplinary approach in facing environmental issues.  I suppose it means that people must contribute to this discourse according to their core competencies and expertise, the way anthropologists are contributing to the discourse by way of a sound cultural understanding of the issues.

As someone in the field of communication and public relations, surely I have something significant to contribute, right? Well, I hope so.



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