Yesterday, I caved in and ate a hotdog

Hotdog image borrowed from this site:

Yesterday, I caved in and ate a hotdog. But it wasn’t because of a craving for it. Rather, it was because of work.

See, I was videotaping a big event, and documenting something, as you may well know, entails a full stomach. Otherwise, you won’t be able to concentrate on creative stuff like framing and composing a shot. Seeing that hotdogs were the only available food at our “headquarters”, I had to make a quick decision: Eat the damn hotdog and its carnival of chemicals  and what-not, or suffer the consequences of an empty mind caused by an empty stomach.

I chose the former.

And boy, was I regretful. First, because of the chemicals I chowed down and fed my body. And second, because it was the crappiest hotdog ever. The bread was dry, the hotdog was dry, and all the mustard I placed on it failed to make up for the bad bread and meat.

I also thought of this thing I read in my Environment, Culture and Society class: About how Buddhism is the most environment-friendly religion among all religions because it emphasizes man’s communion with nature. It emphasizes peace and harmony with animate creatures, which explains why Buddhists won’t eat meat. Vegetarianism is their expression of oneness and peace with animate beings.

So I suppose that if ever I turn vegetarian, I now have a deep and substantial overarching reason for being one. And that I will choose hunger over hotdogs, on principle, if ever another hotdog-is-the-only-food-we’ll-feed-you scenario during another event coverage.

Or else I should perpetually pack carrot sticks or something inside my bag.


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