The Body Shop’s Neroli Jasmin: Love at first smell

It was love at first smell. The moment I sprayed on The Body Shop’s Neroli Jasmin on my wrist some time in October, I knew this was my kind of scent. But of course, there were money issues. So I told myself that the minute I get the money for this, and if it goes on sale, I will definitely buy it. Last Monday was my lucky day. It was on sale at around 50% off. It was now just around Php600. Sweet! So I promptly whipped out my credit card from my wallet and off I charged. I love it, love it, love it, especially the pretty pouch it came with! The only drawback? The pouch, which I thought was made from natural fibers, upon closer inspection of the label, is made of 100% polyester.

Other toiletries in my lucky-to-have list

I got a hand-me-down Peppermint Leg Gel from my mom. It was given to her last year by my brother’s ex-girlfriend, and it’s hardly used, so yey to me! I’ve been using it for almost a week now after my evening shower and every time I slather it on, my feet feel refreshed and revived!

I bought a bottle of All Organics Clean Rinse from Sesou at Trinoma (1st Floor, near National Bookstore), a one-stop kiosk of organic, natural, and Philippine-made toiletries and house cleaning products, last Monday because of its many uses: hand sanitizer, facial cleanser, hygienic wash, and many more–All for a mere Php95!

I figured that this will be great for traveling. When you need to clean your hands and face (or any other body part) and there’s no restroom around, you can just do what you have to do on the go. I’m excited to use this on my upcoming trip to Bohol.

Well, actually, I’ve already given this a test run yesterday when I needed to “wash” my face quick. I just sprayed the stuff on my face, wiped it dry with a cotton ball, and put on my makeup. It was refreshing and it lived up to it’s claim of a clean rinse: When I touched my face, it really felt squeaky clean!

I also bought deodorant from All Organics because I believe it’s safer to use than the stuff we buy at supermarkets. I’ve been looking for natural deodorant for months now and I’m so happy to have chanced upon this practical find! I used this for the first time yesterday and I totally love the lemongrass smell.

I bought some other things from Sesou but I haven’t used them yet. Will blog again about it when I do. =)


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