Bohol Bee Farm

I feel blessed to have been given another chance to visit Bohol Bee Farm as part of my Christmas vacation with friends last December 27. The first time I was there was in the summer of 2004 during the Dumaguete National Writer’s Workshop. I was a fellow for poetry, see, and I spent two wonderful weeks in Dumaguete and a week in Bohol.

The tour package me and my friends got for our vacation this year basically had more or less the same itinerary I had in 2004 (minus the writing and critiquing of our literary pieces and the hobnobbing with Philippine literature’s best, of course), but it was only this year when I finally appreciated what opportunity I have been given in 2004–a realization that came to fruition years too late, I must admit.

In 2004, me and my fellow writers were toured by a very knowledgeable tour guide with all the intention of sharing with us Bohol’s rich history and secrets, we got to watch the award-winning Loboc Children’s Choir for free (this wasn’t included in this year’s tour package, for obvious reasons), and we got to see places not all tourists are privileged to see, such as the Bohol Bee Farm owner’s pretty, pretty beach-side house.

This year, I had to content myself with my fond memories of the place. Still, I feel blessed to be back in Bohol, even for just a short time. It was only this year when I appreciated all of Bohol’s history, culture and scenery. My new-found environmental awareness made my trip even richer (The Chocolate Hills, for example, has been “scarred” by agricultural lands, which I don’t remember seeing in 2004, and I felt sad for the tarsiers who were plucked from their natural habitat).

One of my favorite places in the island  is Bohol Bee Farm because of (as I’ve mentioned) the beach-side house, which is one of the most beautiful houses I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime, and because of the organic, natural and sumptuous food it serves. I would have wanted to eat dinner there, but I had to be considerate of  my companions’ budget. But if I would be given another chance to visit the island, I would definitely, definitely eat there. I checked out its website today and was happy to find out that the Farm has reasonably-priced tour packages. I therefore vow to go there soon!

Despite not eating dinner there, my stomach did not go home unhappy. I ate their home-made ice cream in SPICY GINGER and COCONUT flavors. There were a lot more flavors (MALUNGGAY ice cream, anyone?) but those two were what intrigued me the most. The SPICY GINGER flavor was the best! =)

I also brought home their organic mais (corn) coffee which I shall try soon. It reminded me of the rice coffee a friend shared with me before. So I bought two 500-gram packages. Someone is excited to drink it, and it’s meeee!!!

So thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful blessing. I promise to be more appreciative of the blessings You throw my way.


2 comments on “Bohol Bee Farm

  1. Glad you all had a good time! Does this mean I have to log onto Multiply again just to see all your other photos?? 😉

    Wishing you and your family a peaceful and love-filled 2010.

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