Bilar man-made forest

This is a photo of the Bilar Man-made Forest in Bohol, Philippines. I took this during my recent trip with my friends. This is my second time to pass by this forest (first was in 2004), but it was only in 2009 when I finally appreciated the beauty of this place.

The Bilar Man-made Forest is a sight to behold, a lovely stretch of road, en route to the famous Chocolate Hills. I loved the cool temperature that embraced my skin when we went out of the van to take pictures. Trees, coolness, and fresh air is a combination rarely experienced in Manila. And I’m happy to experience it, even for just a short while, in Bohol.

What’s also amazing about this place is that (according to our tour guide) the trees were planted in the 1960s by agriculture students, with the support of the Philippine government. Decades later, here we are, still enjoying the labor of love of students who made the choice for reforestation.

Thank you, students (who are probably in your 40s now), for letting people like me experience this!


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