Still not vegetarian…but getting there

So…I am still not vegetarian, but I believe I’m getting there. I’ve adopted a predominantly vegetables-and-fruits diet. I still eat a little meat, and that’s necessary because I can’t just quit cold turkey (pun there?)! I need to transition to this new lifestyle slowly but surely, with no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. Or regrets.

Besides, I’m a curious foodie. If I see food that I haven’t tasted before, I just have to try it.

So here’s my resolution for now: I will eat meat, but only if the dish is something I haven’t tried before. And if I do eat meat, I will make sure it’s just one bite. The rest of my meal will be veggies and fruits. I still eat fish and seafood, BTW. Better than beef and pork, methinks. I think that’s a workable solution as I ease into vegetarianism.

I’ve grown accustomed to eating raw greens and tomatoes for lunch, especially at work, and I love it! But I felt that it made me go hungry easily. Thank God for this web article I’ve read which said that cucumbers and tomatoes make a good combo for a salad. I’ve been eating that for a week now. I slice one whole cucumber and two juicy tomatoes, drizzle balsamic vinegar, and mix the whole thing up. This I pair with a small fillet of fish. Tastes delish! And I feel full longer, too!

I’ve been at this predominantly veggies and fruits diet for more than a month now, and I must also say that my skin has gotten better. Remember your Go, Grow, and Glow foods in elementary school? Well, veggies and fruits are really GLOW foods. These have made my skin, well, glow! My face is now pimple-free, even on days before my monthly period (which is, traditionally, the time of the month when my skin acts up and pimples crop up). It’s soft and smooth, so whenever my sis would make a joke of pinching my cheeks like a kid, she’d become distracted by how soft it is. LOL!

And of course, there’s also that thing about helping lessen greenhouse gases and helping lessen your water footprint by eating more fruits and veggies. It lessens your carbon and water footprint because growing and eating raw veggies releases less carbon and uses less water compared to growing cows and pigs and poultry, which uses more of the earth’s resources.

So all in all, this veggie switch is a good thing. I hope I can keep it up!


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