The key to unlocking the climate change solution

I am inclined to think that if we’ll all take time to understand the Rural and Indigenous Women’s Statement on Climate Change and be humble enough to accept it, then that’s like possessing the key to unlocking the climate change solution.

Here’s my favorite quote from the statement, because it pinpoints where environmental damage and climate change began:

We believe that climate change is a result of the historical and unsustainable exploitation and concentration of access to global natural resources by the northern countries and transnational corporations (TNCs) in the name of development.

On my second read, I realized that this is also important, because it calls for a holistic solution, and not just a solution hinging on humans managing resources as if they’re separate from nature. That is, a solution cloaked in a materialistic and purely economic view of the environment:

We confirm that mitigation and adaptation measures detached from the context and development aspirations of rural and indigenous women instead renege on commitments to biodiversity and sustainable development, poverty reduction and human rights.

We believe that any long term solution to the escalating climate crisis should acknowledge historical responsibility and ecological debt, grounded on the respect and protection of life and diversity and promote and fulfill justice and social equity between and within nations, peoples and sexes.


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