Organic is the magic word

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Fruit and vegetable vendors usually drop by the office to sell their wares. I don’t usually buy since I live a good walking distance away from a supermarket, anyway. Besides, with big books on my bag, carrying additional load like perishables will just be a hassle.

All that changed yesterday, though, when an office mate asked if I’d like to buy some lettuce.

“Marami! (There’s a lot!)” she said, which didn’t quite work for me since I already have lots of books to carry.

“Organic! From Tagaytay!” she added next, which made me stop and think. The offering is getting promising.

“At Php 20 lang! (It’s Php 20 only!)

And that, my friends, sealed the deal.  One plastic bag of greens that’s been triple washed and ready to eat costs around Php 85 in the supermarket. The bunch being sold to me contains a lot more…and only for Php 20! What joy! I don’t think anyone can walk away from a deal like that. Can you?


5 comments on “Organic is the magic word

  1. Mitzie, I love the fact that you’re getting cheap, organic lettuce (at your deskm for that matter!).

    But, not to rain on your parade (I’m a little uneasy saying this), make sure that the people transporting the lettuce are not contributing to pollution.

    But mehn, P20! that’s really great!

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