Photo by Me

Above are two second hand/ pre-loved bags I bought at the fundraising of the Ateneo Library of Women’s Writings (ALIWW). These were selling for a mere P50, but managed to get it down to P30 each. Sweet!

The black bag was supposed to be my sister’s prom bag, but she wanted my other bag. So I guess I’ll just use this one for some future and yet-to-be-determined evening occasion. I really love the beading and the silky fabric. The inside tag says its supposed to be made in India. Coolness.

The big brown bag made of natural fibers is something cool to use for the summer. It’s summer now, so it’s about time I use it. Squee!

You know, I have no qualms about buying second hand stuff because one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. Besides, this is a great way of reducing and reusing and of managing our resources wisely. And of course, buying these pre-loved bags helped the ALIWW folks raise funds for their projects. All’s good.


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