Simple Living Tip: Have your shoe repaired

Some people find my dislike for walking on a rough, stony roads funny. I’d rather take the long, cemented path to somewhere rather than take the short but stony road to my destination.  And the reason is simple: Walking on rough roads ruins shoes!

Case in point:  When a colleague and I went to buy lunch one day, we decided to take the short cut (i.e., the stony path) to save time. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I let myself walk on this stony path with my pretty pink shoes (with a pretty pink bow tie on it). Thinking about it now, I was probably thinking that I’d only do it once, and that it probably won’t do much harm to my beloved shoes. But boy, was I wrong.

When I got home in the afternoon to brush the dust and dirt off (you know, to keep my shoes in tip-top shape), I saw, to my horror, the sole slowly detaching itself from everything else! I nearly cried. I placed it reverently on my shoe rack, vowing never EVER to walk on rough road unless I’m wearing my battered pair of Advan sneakers.

I recently got that pair of shoes repaired. Since it was only a problem of a detached sole, the solution was only a matter of sticking two parts together. And now that it’s done, it’s as good as new! Happiness!

Some people wouldn’t think twice about throwing shoes away, with the excuse that it’s time to buy a new one, anyway. But not me. I’d like to live simply. And living a simple life means avoiding buying unnecessary stuff. A new pair of shoes would cost hundreds of pesos, even thousands. But having it fixed at the shoe repair shop only set me back as little as 50 pesos. Sweet, huh?

So the next time your good pair of shoes gets ruined, save it. Have it repaired. Not only will it save you money, you get to keep your favorite pair a little while longer, too.


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