My first sauna experience

Watching too many Japanese dramas has made me curious on how the sauna experience is. Atashinchi no Danshi, which I recently watched on the Net, has had too many sauna scenes that I had to grab the first sauna opportunity that came my way.

The window of opportunity came in the form of an office outing held last Thursday at Timberland Heights in San Mateo, Rizal. Timberland is a residential community offering “mountain suburban living”. It has two farms, Mandala 1 and Mandala 2, and a swanky country club.

We went to the country club for our outing. Like most country clubs, Timberland had sports facilities, a library, a swimming pool, a restaurant, a salon, a spa, and sauna, among others. A geek like me would normally gravitate towards the library, but this time around, my sauna curiosity got the better of me.

We had our shower first before proceeding to the steam room. Because I’m too paranoid and shy to go in to this room with only my birthday suit, I opted to wear my swimsuit. I loved the peppermint smell that permeated the room, but I soon found it hard to breathe. I didn’t have colds or anything, but I had to go out of the room for a while to breathe fresh air. The therapist advised me to lie down while in the steam room, while my officemates let me park my butt at the little corner where not much steam came in. Those two things made the difference. And I enjoyed my steam room experience very much.

We went to the sauna after about 10 minutes, which was right across the steam room. It was a lot hotter, and it became hotter still when one of my officemates accidentally poured one extra cup of water onto the hot stones. This made us run as fast as we can outside. We felt like we were being roasted to a golden color.

We went back in after the temperature came back to “normal” sauna temp, and resumed our sauna session. We were probably the noisiest bunch of sauna goers as we talked about anything and everything we could think of. I felt beads of sweat sliding on my neck, and I felt my thighs getting a bit greasy. I almost panicked, but then I realized that silly me was in a sauna–It was therefore normal to sweat like a pig!

We stayed there for around 15 minutes, after which we took another shower. When we went back outside, we felt refreshed and revived. The feeling was great. It was exactly like what Internet articles said. I felt lighter, cleaner, better.

My first sauna experience made me realize that this is something I would want to do regularly. It’s supposedly a healthy practice as it detoxifies the body and is a form of exercise. The thing is, I have no idea where I can take affordable sauna sessions at a place that is easily accessible from home. Is there such a place? Could you recommend a good one for me? Many thanks in advance! ありがと!


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