Reusable Water Bottle: A summer must-have

The summers of our childhood are gone. If before, all we needed were a fan and a big bowl of halo-halo with lots of shaved ice and a scoop or two of ube ice cream on top to keep us cool, these days not even an air conditioner’s coldest setting can beat the heat.  When we go out, the sun stings our skin and we get instantly thirsty. That’s why I’ve taken to bringing a water bottle when I know I’m going to be out and about for quite some time. Climate change is here and adaptation is the order of the day. So get a water bottle and fill it up with fresh water when you go outside. You don’t necessarily have to buy one, though. I noticed that it has become fashionable for companies to give water bottles as corporate giveaways. When you receive one, use it instead of buying another one. Not only will you save money, you will also get to practice restraint in a consumerist world. In Gandhi’s words, Live simply so that others may simply live.


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