This giant globe at the PEMSEA lobby teaches you about the East Asian seas.

Last week, my fellow graduate school student Jessica and I visited PEMSEA, or Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia, for our project for our Development Communication class. We interviewed Ms. Anna Rita Cano on PEMSEA’s communication strategies and programs. We’re supposed to analyze and assess its strengths and weaknesses, after which we’re supposed to give our recommendations. I know a half-day visit isn’t enough to give a comprehensive picture of an organization, or even to critique it, but we will do our best.

What preoccupied me and Jessica while waiting for Ms. Cano were the magazines at the lobby, as well as the giant globe detailing the water currents around East Asia’s waters. Switching the lights on and off and looking at the lines and arrows where water is supposed to be was a learning experience in itself.


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