First Impressions: Daila Gugo Shampoo Bar

Photo by Me.

I bought the Daila Gugo Shampoo Bar at the Sesou kiosk in Trinoma last week because it was new and therefore, a must-try.  Although I don’t have a balding head yet, I’ve heard good things about our local gugo from my childhood (My grandma brought home some once when I was a kid. But she used to slather on coconut milk on her hair more than gugo, though). So I bought this bar for an affordable Php 60, which was Php 5 cheaper than Giga’s Shampoo Bar.

Using this gugo shampoo bar for more than a week now, I couldn’t help but compare it with Giga’s Shampoo Bar. I must say Daila’s is alright. It does the job of cleaning your hair, and it doubles as body cleanser, too.

But unlike the Giga Shampoo Bar, Daila doesn’t smell as great. It’s not yucky but it doesn’t smell spectacular either. It’s just…alright.

Giga Shampoo Bar smells clean and fresh, and it’s the same feeling you get after a shower. Once, while calling a cab under Manila’s wicked summer heat, I caught a whiff of Giga’s smell on my sweating skin and I felt a bit relieved.

The Daila Shampo Bar has none of that, so I guess I’ll really leave this shampoo bar to those who really need it (i.e., the really balding ones).


One comment on “First Impressions: Daila Gugo Shampoo Bar

  1. I never thought that i was using this product for 7 years now at P60 only. Today, Daila Gugo is sold at staggering P135 at all Sesou stores. I like this product so much but my issue is the shrinking size of the bar. It used to be sized with the box. Next time resize the box to fit the bar para hindi halata. It says 120 grams but actually it weighed at only 100 grams. Me DTI issue Daila dito.

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