Soaps so cheap, you can stock on these bars for a year

Photo by Me.

While window shopping at Trinoma yesterday, I chanced upon this stall that sells soaps wholesale. Three bars of papaya soap, for example, go for a mere Php 50 (Yes, that’s really 3 bars for 50 pesos!) . Buy seven bars and you get all for just Php 100!

The store also sells other kinds of soap, like oatmeal soap, gluta soap, kojic soap, and some kind of black soap that’s supposed to be good for whitening the skin, to name a few.

I was content with the papaya soap, so I bought three bars for Php 50. If I like these bars, I just might return and buy the 7-for-100 variety.

The stall is located at the 2nd floor of Trinoma, in front of Artwork. I’m sharing this valuable piece of information with you because I know you love value-for-money products, too!


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