Davao Vacation Part 1: Paradise Resort


Paradise Resort 1. Beach in the afternoon. Photo by Me.

Someone went to Davao with her family (meeh!) on the first week of June. This also means someone took photos of Davao’s pretty tourist spots, which you’ll see now and in the coming days.

First up is Paradise Resort where we spent one and a half days of our stay. It was a very beautiful white sand beach. Cottages were clean and well-maintained and there were a lot of activities to keep guests occupied.

Service from staff was also good.  It was pretty fast and efficient. There’s a restaurant a few meters away from the cottages, but guests can opt to just give staff a call and the food will be delivered to the cottage. That’s what we did during our whole stay.


Paradise Resort 2. Slippers on the sand. Photo by Me.

We spent a good part of our afternoon just sitting on the shore and watching the world go by. It was the ultimate vacation activity. Hehehe!


Paradise Resort 3. Boat about to leave Samal Island for Davao city. Photo by Me.

If you want the Paradise Resort experience, here’s how to get there: From the airport, take a cab to the Paradise Resort port. From there, a friendly security guard will greet you and direct you to where the boats are. A porter is also usually present to help you carry your bags.

At the boat, you’ll pay a 15-peso fee to the boat man. Be sure to wear your life jacket–The boat man will give you a gentle reminder, anyway. There’s not much scenery to take in with your eyes, so good thing traveling from the city to Samal takes as little as 5 minutes. Cool, huh?

When you get there, the next instructions will be…to pay the entrance fee (for day trippers) or to book a room if you’re staying for a night or two or more. Once all’s set, there’s nothing more to do than to enjoy being beach bums!

Too bad we had to leave the next day for Davao City, where more adventures awaited! Watch for more stories in upcoming posts!


6 comments on “Davao Vacation Part 1: Paradise Resort

  1. maganda po talaga sa paradise .. swear 🙂 at saka maganda rin ang white sand paulit ulit na kasi ako nkapunta doon ..

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