Davao Vacation Part 2: Monfort Bat Cave in Samal Island

Beach bumming was good but we had to stretch our legs at some point in our stay at Paradise Resort so we booked one of the resort’s many nature trips.

Our first stop was the Monfort Bat Cave. As the name implied, we visited…bats.


Entrance to the Monfort Bat Cave. You pay a really small fee for a guided tour--less than 50 pesos. Photo by Me.


Because of our visit here, we had a newfound appreciation for bats. According to our guide, the Monfort Bat Cave is some sort of a sanctuary for these night creatures. Whether old bats or young bats, they have their place here. Our first cave was a space for the oldies.


This is the cave where old bats stay. Oldies stick together, apparently. Photo by Me.


The next caves were all occupied by young ones, like the picture below. There’s even another cave exclusively for mating bats…Talk about privacy! But then again, all the mating bats were in one cave, so it’s more of “classification” and “stratification” more than the “privacy” we humans know.

See the black, mountain-like elevation in the pic below? That’s actually bat shit.


This cave is where the young ones stay. The uber-black mountain-like elevation is actually their...shit! Hehehe! Photo by Me.


Walking around Monfort was actually a stinky experience made bearable by the funny facts and trivia shared by the guide. We still enjoyed it, though, since we like little funny facts.

Bats are of course, asleep at this time. And it’s pretty safe here, unless you intentionally hurt bats by throwing stones at them or something, at which point they’ll bite you and attack you with rabies many times stronger than a dog’s. =)

We enjoyed our stay here, and I hope you can come visit, too! Up next: Water fun somewhere that’s not the beach! Watch for it!


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