Davao Vacation Part 4: Philippine Eagle Center

The Philippine Eagle Center. This is my most favorite part for the following reasons:

1. It was Philippine Eagle Week when we came so the entrance fee was waved! What luck, huh? Since entrance was free, a lot of people explored the park, which made walking around the vast mini-forest much more fun. Lots of people visiting also means there were a lot of people who learned about the Philippine Eagle.

The Philippine Eagle Center entrance. It was Philippine Eagle Week when we came so entrance was free! Lucky, lucky! Whee! Photo by Me.

2. We were guided by a very young but bright girl scout from Davao named Diane Baldwin. She’s an incoming high school student and she toured us around, showing us the Philippine Eagles living in the Center.

This is Diane Baldwin, a young girl scout who toured us around the Philippine Eagle Center. She's very bright and she taught us a lot about the Philippine Eagles living in the Center. I wish more kids were like her. Photo by Me.

3. The vast green expanse of the park was perfect for picnics. Too bad we didn’t have food with us. This made me realize how lucky Davao people are for living there. They are so close to nature–from lush forests to beautiful beaches–that it’s probably one of the Philippines’ ideal places to raise a family. Or to retire in.

There's a park inside where families and friends can have a fun picnic. Photo by Me.

4. The Philippine Eagles were beautiful. Seeing them up close was a privilege.

If there’s one place I’d like to go back to in Davao next time, this would probably be it. I really enjoyed my time here, and I’d like to know more about the Philippine Eagle. Being toured by a bright kid who cared enough to learn even the animals’ scientific names at the Center helped me believe more in the Center’s advocacy, too.

Up next: A very sweet and exotic ending to my Davao vacation. =)


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