It’s okay to use fresh paper

Taking a graduate class that requires a gazillion readings coupled with periodic eyestrain from reading from a computer screen convinced me that the best action to take is to print my PDFs. With ink. And paper. Yes.

When my sister saw me printing using fresh paper, she threw a fit: That it’s a waste of paper, that it’s not environment-friendly, that I am not being environment-friendly, etc.

For me, though, printing on fresh paper is a practical move for the following reasons:

1. I set the printer to print two pages on each side. The font size of two pages is the smallest my eyes can tolerate to avoid eyestrain.

2. If I use both sides, I am automatically printing 4 pages of the file in a single sheet of paper.

3. Using two sides of each paper wherein 4 pages of the file are automatically printed drastically reduces the weight of readings I have to carry to and from work/school on a daily basis. It helps ease my commute, too. Therefore, no back pain and no paper wasted!

So that’s why for me, it’s okay to use fresh paper. Really!


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