The Organic Geek as a Headless Chicken

This is the familiar story of bloggers getting busy with other things in their offline life. They get busy, so they blog less. And that’s what happened to me, more or less.

The first semester of my second-to-the-last year in grad school is proving to be my most challenging yet. Not even the weekly papers I am required to churn out in my Environment, Culture and Society class a few semester ago can compare.

International Relations (IR), an elective I’m taking this semester, is much harder. Since my IR background is nil, I have to work double time to catch up with my classmates. There are around 100 pages worth of required readings each week. Additional readings on current events has to be done, too, to be able to participate in class discussions. And then there are the papers I have to research for and write.

My International Reporting class is about to start on Monday. Aside from required readings, additional reading on current events has to be done, too, to substantiate class discussions. There are also weekly writing activities and mini researches.

Ah, and then there’s my full-time work as well as my upcoming volunteer work, so good luck to me and my sanity!

But I shouldn’t complain, really. After all, learning these things is a dream I’m making a reality. I can’t really save the world from impending climate change, but I can at least help explore solutions through my own expertise, right?

Anyway, these should have been my blog entries the past weeks:

1. Tried and Tested: Human Nature Natural Deodorant – I love how it allows me to sweat naturally without the icky body odor. The rosemary scent gives a girly vibe, too.

2. About to Try: Planters Organic Laundry Detergent – I bought this at Sesou in Trinoma yesterday and I’m excited to try it. The box says I can even use it to clean the bathroom! Let’s see how multi-tasking this product really is.

3. Tried and Tested: Human Nature Strengthening Shampoo with Rosemary Scent – Rosemary scent rocks! It makes my nightly showers extra-soothing and refreshing.

4. Tried and Tested: Human Nature Choco-Vanilla Lip Balm – Ah, this one disappointed me a little. Whenever I glide the tube to my lips, it feels like I am swiping candle on my lips–totally not cool. It seems to be short on oil and moisturizers, unlike the Human Nature Mandarin Lip Balm which I love!

5. Rags2Riches Tree Bag – RIIR’s new tree bag is light enough to carry and roomy enough to put my things in. I would love to buy this—as soon as I get extra money!


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