Organic Geek in Puerto Princesa Part 1: My Baywalk Walk

Photo by Me.

I wish I can live in a place where the sea is just a stone’s throw away from me. I was in Puerto Princesa a few days ago and my wish became partly true. Staying at Lola Itang Pension House for three days, I got the chance to walk to Puerto Princesa’s Baywalk to breathe in the fresh see breeze. It’s serene. It’s a nice place to hear yourself think.

At night, the Baywalk transforms into a lively hangout for kids, families and couples. Music blasts all around (albeit ’90s music—a decade late!–which Palawenos seem to think is cool, anyway), little shops selling fruit shakes, food and souvenirs sprout, and it begins to feel like you can fall in love with this place’s small town charm.

Photo by Me.

But I still like it better in the late afternoon, where the place feels restful, where boats lazily sway with the sea, where you seem to forget you came from the big city.


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