Organic Geek in Puerto Princesa Part 2: Ka Lui!

Photo by Me.

It’s great to be back! The first time I went to Ka Lui with my friend Ria, I didn’t have any idea how famous this restaurant is, until I saw it reviewed in a major newspaper months after dining there. But still, I enjoyed the place and I promised to be back for the pinacolada and all the great food!

This time around, I was with my brother. We ordered the seafood special for the night and we loved it! And it was only Php 400—good for two persons! There was soup, appetizer, seafood like prawns, tanigue and squid, rice, and a complimentary (coconut) bowl of fresh fruits in season. My brother ordered an additional plate of kilawin because it’s his (our) favorite.

At first, I dutifully took photos but I soon forgot to snap away. All the food streaming on to our table made me forget!

But here’s what I managed to take, aside from the pinacolada photo above:

Photo by Me.

Clear soup. Very tasty and served hot!

Photo by Me.

Fresh seaweed. A bit salty on its own. Wakes you up with an added zing when you squeeze in the calamansi.

Photo by Me.

Kilawin tanigue. It’s the best kilawin I ever tasted in my entire life! I thought the best was the kilawin at Bethel Hotel in Dumaguete, but it turns out it’s only second best. Ka Lui’s tops ’em all! It’s very vinegar-y, very spicy and very tasty!





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