How to Score Sanuk Footwear on a Budget

I now have five Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers and two Sanuk sandals in my shoe collection. To say I love the Sanuk brand is an understatement. I buy the brand because the designs are stylish enough, the sandals are ultra comfy (I can walk around Mall of Asia in these all day without getting sore feet), and the people behind it strive to be environment friendly (Their Multiply page tells us how).

But of course, each pair of Sanuk does not come cheap. The price ranges from Php 1,500 to Php 3,500. But I have managed to score all seven of my Sanuk footwear on a budget.

Photo by Me.

I scored my Sanuk Daydreamer by getting a Php 300 gift certificate. See, there was a Sanuk stall in one of the events at work last 2009, and they happened to be giving away these gift certificates (one GC per person, actually). I got one and bought this pair. Once I wore it, I was instantly hooked!

Photo by Me.

I was just window-shopping with a friend at the mall but Sanuk had an offer I couldn’t resist: 20% off in celebration of Quezon City Day! It’s not everyday that you get 20% off, and it’s not everyday that I have extra money with me (I just came from guesting at a game show–Don’t ask!–and therefore had my honorarium in my wallet), so at the prodding of a friend, I bought it! In soft, bright pink! I love it! It makes my feet look fairer.

Photo by Me.

This one’s where I got the biggest discount at 50% off at a sale in Trinoma. It was also the craziest sale event ever as the guys at the Trinoma kiosk had to cordon off the place and let customers take turns buying. We fell in line for a few minutes before we got to go inside the store. It was THAT packed!

This pair looks like something you get for free at hotels, I know, but it’s so soft and comfy and the color goes well with everything! I love it!

Photo by Me.

Ah, this is my one-of-a-kind Sanuk. I’m the only one in the world who has this pair. It’s a green June Bug painted by an artist (I forgot who) during Fashion/Design Week, I think. I got this at an online auction held at the Sanuk Philippines Facebook page.

Auctions have the tendency to turn expensive, but I had a game plan. I gave a bid that was just Php 10 higher than the original bidding price. When someone else placed a bid on it, I added just Php 1 to make it higher. I also pointed out to the other bidder–a guy–that this shoe is in girl’s size. That shut him up. =)

On the last night of the bidding, fearing some other bidder might make a surprise bid, I woke up 15 minutes before 12midnight to monitor the Sanuk Philippines Facebook page. Thank God no other person placed a bid on it. And that’s how I got it! (The claiming process, though, is a different story…)

Photo by Me.

I fell in love with this Sanuk Shasta because it reminds me of the ’90s. I love the ’90s, especially the music. The tag’s still intact, so I obviously haven’t used this yet. But I think I might wear this with a dress to celebrate (what else!) the ’90s!

Oh yeah, I bought this during Sanuk’s third anniversary (the whole month of October!) in the Philippines. Got this for 20% off PLUS this freebie:

Photo by Me.

Sanuk Tubeflops! I haven’t worn it yet, too (see the tag peeking out from the left?), and I’m still thinking of what outfit to wear it with. I know this is a trend that has already passed, but I think this is still cool to wear, especially in the -ber months or during cold summer nights.

Photo by Me.

Last (thus far) but not least is my Sanuk Rosalyn sandals, which I also got at 20% off during Sanuk Philippines’ third anniversary sale. I love the color, the style, and the extra two inches it gives me vertically! Hehe! As with the Sanuk sidewalk surfers, this is also very comfortable to wear. I bought this the day after buying the Sanuk Shasta, so the only freebie I got was a lanyard. But that’s okay, I still love getting this pretty pair at less 20%!

Next on my list is the Sanuk Espathrill in grey, but of course, being the economical person I am, I shall wait for another sale event OR gift certificate!


3 comments on “How to Score Sanuk Footwear on a Budget

  1. i can’t believe you have seven pairs! last time i saw you you only had a pair. wow! too bad i’d missed the sales. they rarely have good designs for kids and that’s the only ones that fit me. ah well…will wait until they next time. =)

  2. Hi.

    I have 6 pieces – Php 1000 Sanuk Gift Certificates. I am selling each piece at Php 950 pesos. I got it as a prize on a competition.

    In case you are interested, kindly contact me at 09238123857.

    Thanks. God bless πŸ™‚

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