About to try: Himalaya Herbals and Milcu 2-in-one deodorant and foot powder

I ran out of my favorite Human Nature Shampoo in Rosemary and in a few days, I’ll run out of my Human Nature deodorant. So I took a jeepney going to the SM North EDSA/ Trinoma area yesterday to buy me some much needed body care supplies.

Photo by Me

I was supposed to go to Sesou in Trinoma, which sells Human Nature stuff, as you may well know, but I decided to eat at SM The Block first. Since I’m already there, I  stopped by Watson’s since I had stuff to buy there, too, anyway. And that’s where I saw a new product to try: Himalaya Herbals, a natural protein shampoo and conditioner in one bottle. According to the label, it’s made of 100% herbal additives “carefully selected from the foothills of the Himalayas”. I’ve never been to the Himalayas so I suppose this is a product that will give me a feel of the place, albeit vicariously. It supposedly has fenugreek which nourishes the hair and prevents hair loss, musk root which promotes hair growth and shikakai which detangles and softens hair. It’s made in India, is dermatologically-tested, hypo-allergenic, has no harmful chemicals and no animal testing took place in the making of the product. An added bonus: a 200ml bottle just costs Php 89 — a few pesos cheaper than Human Nature.

The other product I’m about to try is Milcu Underarm and Foot Deodorant Powder. The label says it’s “mild, natural and fragrance-free” so this product will hopefully help me in living out an earth-friendly lifestyle. It promises not to give you a sticky feeling, which is a promise I’m counting on since the Human Nature deodorant I’m currently using tends to feel sticky and somehow, I end up smelling like some sort of an Indian dish–fragrant, yes, but who wants to smell like food at the office when you attend meetings? Certainly not me.


2 comments on “About to try: Himalaya Herbals and Milcu 2-in-one deodorant and foot powder

  1. I love, love the Himalaya Herbals shampoo! Been using for a couple of months now. And it’s great, coz my hair feels “safer”. haha Kidding aside, it has a nice smell, and I think my hair looks better! 😉 Sometimes it’s out of stock at SM City though…so whenever they restock I would buy several!

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