No turning back now from ukay-ukay

After getting a two blouses and a dress at the mind-boggling price of 3-for-100 (3 pieces of clothing for just Php100) at ukay-ukay (second-hand store) last Friday, the gray cardigan being sold at the SM Surplus Shop for Php 299.75 seemed a wee bit expensive.  Although a gray cardigan was what I patiently searched for among the racks at ukay-ukay, and although I did not find what I wanted, and although what I wanted popped right in front of me at the Surplus Shop days after my ukay-ukay trip, the price just wasn’t right. In the end, I had to let go of it, hopeful that I will find something similar to that the next time ukay-ukay holds a 3-for-100 sale.

Other stuff that I scored at my ukay-ukay venture (if you can call it that) were a black cardigan and a black-ish denim jacket accented with thin orange-y and green-ish stripes–Two stylish and good-as-new pieces which set me back just Php 50 each.

I believe that if you just look hard and patiently enough, you’ll score great high quality finds here for a fraction of the price at malls, department stores, and even tiangges. And that’s true value for money, IMHO.

Moreover, re-using beautiful clothes that the original owners don’t want anymore helps save the earth’s resources. It’s a win-win situation for you and Mother Nature.


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