A mobile phone, slowly dying, is lovely

Photo by Me.

First, it stopped registering and saving phone numbers in the Calls menu. Weeks later, it was the screen turning all white, and then flickering on and off. But removing the batteries for some time before putting it back on did the trick. For now. Clearly, my phone is showing signs of age and is about to say sayonara to me.

I’ve had this since 2007. Back then, I liked it for it’s 3G capability and it’s price–just around PHP10,000.

Since then, many other phones came out in the market with bells and whistles like touchscreens, wi-fi capability, built-in social networking apps, high quality cameras, and a lot more. But I refused to ditch my phone just yet, simply because it was still serviceable. It still made calls and texts–basic things I do everyday on my phone. So there was no need to buy a new one right away.

But now, my phone, while still useful, is slowly dying. And I deem it a lovely thing. This means I can now officially start the search for a new phone. I gotta be prepared. It’s just a matter of time before it conks out, after all.

Off the top of my head, these are my dream features (aside from calls and texts, of course):

1. Wi-fi capability

2. MP3 (for my language study)

3. Video and still camera (for my travels and for impromptu shots)

4. High built-in memory capacity (to store everything)

5. Double SIM

6. Solar powered batteries

7. Kindle-like capabilities (I can dream, can’t I?)


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