What’s the color of our kris kringle? Jolly orange!

I originally wanted the Love Minerals Mineral Blush in Petal Bloom and the Human Nature Sheer Lip Soother Tinted Lip Balm so those two came at number 1 in my wish list for my “mommy” during our kris kringle at the office. Number 2 was Miguel Syjuco’s book “Ilustrado” and number 3 was a bunch of  SM gift certificates worth PHP300.

Well, guess what? I got neither.

Instead I got a happy surprise. My “mommy” thought the Love Minerals range is from The Body Shop, so that’s where she searched. Not finding it, and realizing later on that Love Minerals is from a totally different brand of beauty care products, she settled for a pot of lip balm at The Body Shop. Thankfully, she got something from the ‘s new range, so I’ve got something new to try — lip balm from the Jolly Orange range!

Photo from The Body Shop website.

I tried it just tonight after taking a shower, and I must say I love it to bits already. It moisturized my lips with a tiny hint of shimmer. Unlike the dry feel of choco-vanilla lip balm I purchased months ago from Human Nature, the Jolly Orange Lip Balm glided smoothly on my lips. And it smells great, too!

I only wish that the Jolly Orange Lip Balm came in a tube so that I wouldn’t have to dip my fingers on the pot–very unsanitary, especially if you’re in a place where you can’t wash your hands with soap and water right away. I wish it came in a tube. But oh well, you can’t have it all. At least Jolly Orange moisturizes the way a lip balm should –and with shimmer and a nice citrus smell too boot! Totally makes me jolly!


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