Guimaras and Iloilo Trip Day 2: The Best of Guimaras Island’s Parks, Farms and Beaches

We hired Jerry, the previous day’s trike driver, to take us around Guimaras Island for the whole day. The negotiated price was PHP1000 including gas. It was down from what he initially proposed, which was PHP1000 for him plus PHP300 for gas.

We gathered that it was Jerry’s first time to get hired for a tour. He didn’t seem sure how much to charge. Well, we weren’t sure how much to pay either. We just used another blogger’s account as gauge, wherein the blogger paid PHP950 for half a day’s tour. We figured ours was a definite SCORE, as we paid PHP1000 for the whole day. Hehehe! My haggling skill is getting better, don’t you think so?

Here are the places we went to:

Wonder Farm

Wonder Farm was like any other farm. There were mango trees, pineapples, papayas and other plants used for their jams and other preserved foods.


Carabao under a mango tree at Wonder Farm in Guimaras Island. Photo by Me.

The mango jam and pineapple atchara were something else, though. The mango jam is made from real Guimaras mangoes, very yellow and very sweet. When you spread it on your bread, it’s not watery but thick and gooey, just like how a real mango jam should be!


Mango jam at Wonder Farm. One of the best mango jams ever! Photo by Me.

Macopo Falls

Reaching Macopo Falls entails a long and tiring trek. You’d feel relaxed at first because there are beautiful stone steps going down. But as you go farther, you’ll notice that the stone steps are getting uglier until there are no more stone steps to speak of, just soil, grass, and a dangerously steep way.


Macopo Falls in Guimaras. This photo is my "prize" of sorts for the long and tiring trek I took with my friends. Photo by Me.

But once you get there, all’s well again. We didn’t exactly reach the bottom, since the path seemed dangerous. But I believe we reached half of the way. So that’s good, right? Good thing Kuya Jerry helped us carry our bags, too!

Trappist Monastery

Trappist Monastery. Photo by Me.

We went there for the jam and the baked goodies, but we got more. When we went there, it was a few minutes right before the monks’ prayer time, so we got to join their prayers-wrapped-in-songs, too.

I shopped for calamansi jam, mango barquillos, mango biscocho, buko pandan piyaya, and some religious items. After paying, one of the monks was nice enough to bless the religious items we purchased. What a pleasant surprise! And as our trike sped away, he went out of the store to wave us goodbye. I feel blessed.

Guisi Beach

This is my most favorite beach in Guimaras EVER! The seascape is breathtaking and the beach itself is quieter. It’s a lot farther than Alibujod but I assure you that the trip is worth it.


Guisi Beach is a lot more beautiful than Alibujod. Sure, it may be farther away (almost at the edge of Guimaras) but the trip is definitely worth it! Photo by Me.

Eco Park

There’s an Eco Park beside Villa Igang in Guimaras that not a lot of blogs talk about. I wonder why. It’s very beautiful and there are lots to see, such as a mangrove park and a botanical garden.  The PHP100 entrance fee is very much worth it!


A little-known Eco Park in Guimaras that you must see! Photo by Me.

Villa Igang Beach Resort

Next to Guisi Beach, this comes next on my list of favorites – Villa Igang Beach Resort. Like Guisi, the seascape is pretty and the atmosphere is quiet and restful.


Villa Igang Beach Resort. Photo by Me.


Pit Stop and the most delicious mango pizza EVER


Pit Stop

Pit Stop is Guimaras Island's answer to Jollibee. A bonus: they serve the most delicious mango pizza EVER! Photo by Me.

There’s no Jollibee or McDonald’s or any other fastfood store  in Guimaras. They have, instead, Pit Stop, which serves burgers and pizzas. But don’t mind their other items anymore since they’re ho-hum, and go straight to their mango pizza instead, which is the best EVER!

We wouldn’t actually have known about this place had we not asked the super nice staff of Zemkamps Chalet for Jollibee. Since there’s none, this is where the staff told us to go.

Mango Pizza at Pit Stop. Don't leave Guimaras without getting a taste of it! Photo by Me.

The guy who seemed to be the manager of the place recommended the mango pizza, so that’s what we ordered. And boy, was it a good decision. The pizza was sweet because of the mangoes, a bit salty because the cheese and a bit crunchy because of the peanuts. Winner!

Guimaras may not have as much food as Iloilo, but if there’s any food you’ve got to try while here, try the mango pizza at Pit Stop!


6 comments on “Guimaras and Iloilo Trip Day 2: The Best of Guimaras Island’s Parks, Farms and Beaches

  1. Hi,
    me and my bf are planning to go there on May.

    can you send me details on how to go there after we arrive in Iloilo? and how mush is the cost for transpo and hotels? thank you

  2. Hi! There’s actually an abundance of info on Iloilo and Guimaras when you Google it. =)

    From the Iloilo Airport, there are a lot of vans that can take you from there to SM Iloilo. It just costs P50 per person. People from the van service will approach you from the airport door anyway, so that’s easy. From SM Iloilo, just take a cab to Ortiz Port, which will take you to Guimaras. Ferry fare is less than P20 per person.

    As for hotels in Iloilo and Guimars, I suggest you consult It’s pretty reliable.

    Have a nice trip!

  3. hi, we’re traveling on Oct and plan to stay in guisi beach resort? how far is the pitstop or how do we get there from the resort?plan to have dinner there. thanks!

    • Hi Vina. From what I remember, Guisi is at the far end of Guimaras. Pitstop is at the city capital in Jordan. Those two places are a bit far from each other. You can go around Guimaras by trike, but be prepared to haggle with the driver. =)

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