EarthSpa Soap

EarthSpa soap given to me as a Christmas gift. I love getting body care products as gifts. Excited to try this soon! Photo by Me.

I know other people don’t like receiving soaps and other bath products for Christmas (or any other occasion, for that matter). For them, it’s a sign that the giver is unimaginative. Well, that may be true. But soaps are way, way, wayyyyy better than candles–yes, even scented ones! For me, it’s because soaps are practical gifts. You use soap everyday to clean yourself, so it’s very much appreciated, especially if you use natural and organic soaps that cost a bit more than mass produced ones at the supermarket, drugstore or mall.

So I was very, very, very happy to receive this bar of EarthSpa soap from one of my colleagues at work as a Christmas gift. I haven’t heard of EarthSpa before, and a quick Google of the word didn’t yield much results.  But I hope it’s good! Will let you know.


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