A Trip to the Human Nature Store

A map to the Human Nature store at Commonwealth Avenue. Happy shopping!

Lately, Sesou in Trinoma has been disappointing me by selling only old stock. A store gets boring when there’s nothing new to try. And then it gets frustrating when you periodically check if there’s new stock already, and there’s none! Sigh.

So…one day before I completely ran out of hair conditioner, I went to the Human Nature (HN) Store along Commonwealth Avenue for the first time. I’ve read about this store in the HN newsletter  months ago but it’s only recently when I thought of actually going there. It makes more sense, you know. Why go to Sesou or buy online when you can go straight to the source?

I don’t have a pic of the store since I didn’t bring a camera, but I must say the store is pretty good. You have to go up some cement steps before you get to the actual store. The steps are dotted with potted plants to set the mood of being organic and natural, I suppose.

When you get to the actual store, you can grab a wooden basket near the door and start taking off the shelves the items you want to buy. There’s no price tag on each item, but you can go check out the prices at the two round tables near the door. The price list–well, the brochure, actually–is there, protected by brown folders. There’s also a basket full of “testers”, which are small bottles and pots of Human Nature products that you can try before you buy.

There are two cashiers and you can pay through cash or credit card. You also don’t have to be a HN dealer to be able to enter. Most of the other buyers were dealers, though. They stuck massive amounts of bottles and pots in their basket. But me, I just walked in there and bought the stuff I needed–hair conditioner, toner, and blush.

I’m excited to try the Balancing Face Toner. I wonder what orange, elemi and bamboo scrubs can do to my skin. I’m also excited to try the Love Minerals blush since I haven’t tried organic makeup before. Will let you know!


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