Binalot for a Week

I love eating out of a banana leaf instead of a plate. Binalot image from the Binalot website.

“I love eating out of a banana leaf instead of a plate. Somehow, the food tastes a lot more different. Like it’s more earthy or something,” I tweeted last Wednesday.

For a week, I bought lunch from Binalot, a food chain selling all-time Filipino favorites like adobo, tapa, bistek, and bangus paired with salted egg and fresh tomatoes. Food here is served wrapped in banana leaves, the traditional way of serving and eating food in the Philippines.

Strangely, every food I ordered tasted like something from home. Very lutong-bahay. The food tasted a bit different, too. That is, pleasantly different. It’s like some of the banana leaf’s essence got infused into the food, making it taste earthy, more natural. I loved every spoonful of this week’s lunches!

Next week, my tummy will definitely miss Binalot’s treats. See, it had a booth where I work only because of a festival being held near there. Now that the festival is over, my banana leaf-wrapped Filipino lunch is gone, too. Unless I play hooky at work to go to the mall and buy Binalot.


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