I love adobo because…

While looking over tweets this afternoon, I chanced upon a contest being held by @Binalot for Twitter. The mechanics is simple. People just have to complete this sentence “Dear @Binalot i love adobo because…” and if one’s entry is chosen, he or she will win Binalot’s new bottled ADOBO FLAKES plus Orosman & Zafira tickets.

I’m not sure which one’s better, the adobo flakes or the theater tickets—I love them both! Adobo is one of my fave foods, especially when paired with itlog na maalat, fresh chopped tomatoes and atsara. Orosman & Zafira, meanwhile, is a play I fell in awe with the first time I saw it at UP. I wouldn’t mind seeing it again. So I hope I win.

My answer: “Dear @Binalot I love adobo because it’s easy-to-cook comfort food. It can be chicken, pork, bangus, kangkong, sitaw and more!”

The winner will be announced on Wednesday. Wish me luck!


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