Cebu Sojourn: Clean and Green Ayala Mall

Ayala Mall is my kind of mall. It’s clean, green and very walkable. If Greenbelt weren’t so far from where I live, I bet I’d find myself taking a leisurely stroll here everyday–in the morning before I go to work, in the afternoon before I return home, and in the weekends when I want to relax. But alas, my life is nowhere near that.

I visited the Ayala Mall in Cebu when I went there this April, and I like that it’s as clean and green as in Manila. I enjoyed walking around the mall all day, taking in the fresh air and the beautiful scenery. But of course I didn’t go all the way to Cebu just to window shop. I also enjoyed the beach, the historic sites and the markets, as you’ll see in my next blog posts.


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