Cebu Sojourn: Tambuli Beach Resort

Too bad no local can give us precise directions to Camotes Islands. And too bad that colleagues can’t seem to trust the wisdom of travel bloggers who’ve been there and done that island-hopping adventure we so craved. Good thing there was Tambuli Beach Resort, which luckily was just a cab ride away from the city.

So it’s not as spectacular as the other beaches I’ve been to, and I might as well have just taken a bus to Batangas (which is lovelier, actually), but this beach did its job of appeasing my inner sun-worshiper. Also, I was able to write, which is a rare gift, given my busy work and school schedule.

This trip made me realize that for someone like me who’s been blessed to be able to travel here and abroad, I have a tendency to be a travel snob. What others consider as scenic may be for me just an ordinary thing. And what others consider as great food may for me taste just like lutong bahay.  So perhaps my standards and expectations have been heightened by my frequent travels. And maybe what I’m trying to say is, I wish I can get my P500 back.

*P500 is the entrance fee to Tambuli Beach Resort, consumable through a buffet lunch which costs P550. So yeah, you add P50 to be able to eat.


4 comments on “Cebu Sojourn: Tambuli Beach Resort

  1. I don’t think there’s a beach resort within 20 kilometers of the city that has the basic sun, sea, pool and edible food combination for a price lower than P500. If you of one do tell me.

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