Cebu Sojourn: Ta-boan Market

It’s stinky but it’s oh-so-yummy! Tabo-an Market in Cebu is the place to go to for dried fish. This market houses a variety of dried fishes that are preserved naturally. No harmful chemicals, just the good, salty taste of danggit and dilis  which goes so damn well with steamed rice, fresh sliced tomatoes and salted duck egg. Ah, it’s the perfect Filipino breakfast, I tell you!

A closer look at Tabo-an Market's dried fish offerings.

I bought danggit, dilis and longganisa (sausage) to bring home as pasalubong. As with any other market in the Philippines, haggling is key. And it’s way more effective if you’re with other salted fish-hungry colleagues who are ready to buy in bulk. Buying a lot = more chances of getting discounts and freebies! Yipeee!

P.S. Remember to bring an extra shirt. The smell is divine when eating, but not so much when touring Cebu City’s hot spots.


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