Spicy Ginger Ice Cream at Bohol Bee Farm! Yum!

Total number of times I’ve been to Bohol in my lifetime: 4

Total number of places I look forward to visiting whenever I’m there: 5

  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Chocolate Hills
  • That tarsier place
  • Alona Beach
  • Bohol Bee Farm

Most favorite place in Bohol: Bohol Bee Farm


  • Organic products such as honey, corn coffee, and herbal tea
  • Organic food such as salads and yummy muffins
  • Beautiful seaside house that has been my benchmark for beach living since the first time I saw it
  • Spicy ginger ice cream!

As soon as we set foot at Bohol Bee Farm a few days ago, I made a beeline for the ice cream store that sells the yummiest spicy ginger ice cream in the planet. I haven’t tasted the other flavors yet (malunggay, ube, etc) but I’ve already decided that the spicy ginger ice cream is my favorite. The cone, too, made from cassava, is the yummiest ice cream cone around. It’s way better than the usual wafer cone for its semi-softness and just-right sweetness. For Php50, you’ll get the ultimate summer bliss.

Also try their halo-halo. For just Php90, you’ll get a big cup of this summer favorite. Bohol Bee Farm’s version is generously packed with fresh fruits and a scoop of their yummy ice cream on top! No wonder this place tops my list of Bohol tourist spots to troop to!


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