More Human Heart Nature Purchases: Lotions, Shampoo and Other Potions!

Last Saturday was a very productive shopping day for me at the Human Heart Nature headquarters. Aside from scoring a free pot of Love Minerals Blush with the Love Minerals Powder Foundation I purchased, I also bought some of their new products to try.

First off was their new Hydrating Lotion. I bought both of the new line’s variants. There’s Moonlight Passion, which I bought in all its 200ml glory for home use.

Hydrating Lotion in Moonlight Passion

And then there’s Sweet Indulgence, which I bought in its teeny-weeny 50ml cuteness for travel use.

Human Heart Nature Hydrating Lotion in Sweet Indulgence

Both are infused with the lovely and sweet smell of passion fruit, so getting any of the two variants (or both, if you’re an eager beaver like me!) is bound to be a good choice. Moreover, these products are 100% natural, so you won’t have to worry about nasty chemicals seeping into your skin. Since it’s without mineral oil, silicone, parabens and phthalates, you get ultra moisture and yummy scented skin without the threat of premature ageing!

Another thing I bought was the Natural Moisturizing Shampoo with CREAMFoam Technology. According to the Human Heart Nature Website, CREAMFoam “works like a lotion together with Philippine coco nectar and pure avocado oil to keep your hair soft and moisturized from roots to tips.” The product is said to be 96.4% natural so we’re assured of something that’s safe to use on a regular basis.

Human Heart Nature Natural Moisturizing Shampoo with CreamFOAM

All in all, I’m very, very happy with my purchases. Since these products are new, I got them at introductory prices. The 200ml bottle of Hydrating Lotion set me back by just P179.75, which saved me P20. Regular price is P199.75. The 200ml shampoo, meanwhile, just costed me P129.75, which is P10 less than the regular price of P139.75. What a natural high!



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