Shaping Up With Shibashi

So…someone needs to shape up. Stress really can take its toll on one’s figure and well-being, which calls for a disciplined exercise routine every morning.

Enter shibashi, which used to mean for me a tacky exercise style to be performed solely for obtaining a decent grade in my high school PE class years ago. But not anymore.

I recently revived an interest in it due to my need for a low-impact but effective morning exercise. Thus, I searched for videos online and found this on Youtube:

I chose this video for its simplicity and quality. I like that the instructor speaks in clear English, which I understand. And most importantly, this video is the easiest shibashi tutorial to follow not only for the language but also for the excellent camerawork where the cam focused on what what needed to be focused on. Various angles were used to make the steps easy to follow.

For the uninitiated, shibashi is defined as “a gentle set of Qigong exercise that can be performed whilst seated or standing.” It has a number of health benefits, including improved balance, reduced blood pressure, greater control over breathing, pain reduction, and increased flexibility, among others, according to this website.

Although I’m not back to my college weight yet, I’ve noticed some significant improvement in the way my clothes fit me since I started my routine last May. This was achieved in combination with a healthy diet (mostly fish, fruits and veggies) and regular brisk walking. I must say getting re-acquainted with shibashi has been good to me. Next up: tai chi and hip hop abs!


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