Soap deals at Landmark

I chanced upon two soap deals at the Landmark department store a couple of weeks ago. This means I have more soaps in my stock.

Kinis Oatmeal Soap

First up is this buy-2-take-1 deal on Kinis Oatmeal Soaps. This is my first time to see this particular brand so I thought I’d give it a try. The oatmeal variant is a plus, since oatmeal supposedly exfoliates the skin well. This therefore makes it great for oily and acne-prone skin.

Kinis soap has big bits of oatmeal in it, so you know this brand delivers what it claims to be. My only worry: Upon closer inspection when I got home, the label didn’t clearly state the soap’s complete ingredients. However, it boasted having mineral oil to supposedly help soften the skin. Yikes. I just read from the Human Heart Nature site that mineral oil is bad for the skin. It is synthetic, so applying this on your skin is like wrapping it in plastic. This means your skin can’t properly breathe!

Oh well. Lesson learned.

Koji-san Kojic Soap

Second is the Kojie-san Skin Lightening Soap. I’ve been seeing this brand in supermarkets for quite some time now, but only thought of buying it when I saw the two-for-P50 deal.

Actually, I don’t need skin lightening as my complexion is already naturally fair. I just thought I’d try it because it seems all natural.

Why stock on soap?

I stock on soaps when I find great deals because soap is an oft-used product. So buying in bulk isn’t a waste since you’re bound to use these bars, anyway. Moreover, buying in bulk also means paying less than the regular price. This means you get to save more money to buy other things or to contribute to other funds, such as–and these are my vices–food and travel!  =)


4 comments on “Soap deals at Landmark

  1. oooh, good heads up thanks! i’d like to know what you think of kojie-san too. been seeing it everywhere and i tend to like japanese skin.

    cheers to food and travel! 😀

    • Haven’t tried it yet, but the internet has mixed reviews. Some say it’s too harsh on the skin, while some say it’s effective and alright. I guess I’ll find out soon.

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