Correa in Korea…Soon!

My friend “Tari” and I are flying to the land of kimchi-spiced pop some time soon and we gotta tell you that we’re quite excited!  It’s our first time to spend some vacation time there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for granting our wish, Korean Embassy in Manila! Kekeke!

Our itinerary is basically the same, albeit with one tweak that “Tari” was nice enough to grant, as it has something to do with my future.

So we’ll have our K-pop Day, our Seoul Summer Sale Day, our Out-of-Town Day, and our Typical Seoul Tourist Spots Day.

As for our hostel, our plan of booking a room at Bebop Guesthouse didn’t pan out. We wrote to two different hostels and it was the other hostel (which shall remain nameless for now, kekeke) which replied faster. So there.

And that other hostel was much cheaper, too, and which the same amenities and freebies as Bebop. That other hostel, for example, still offers a fresh supply of drinking water which we can re-fill our reusable tumblers with. So I suppose it was a blessing in disguise.

As I write this, I’m playing SNSD’s “Gee” just to annoy the hell out of my little sister who’s not anymore into K-pop. Kekeke. I’m alternating it with Kylie Minogue’s “Love At First Sight” as it kind of describes how I feel about my upcoming Korea trip. Aaaaand here’s the video! Enjoy!



By Michelle Correa Posted in Travel

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