Now into mineral makeup

Love Minerals mineral foundation Love Minerals’ claim of leaving your face pimple-free even if you accidentally sleep with makeup on is—tadaaan—TRUE! I’ve done this a number of times already since balancing work and grad school and other important things in life leave me tired and ready to crash on my bed as soon as I get home.

I’ve accidentally slept with BB Cream on (I bought tubes and tubes of this in Seoul–but more on this at a later post—if I manage to remember, hehehe!) and sadly, while it wears well with its magic during the day, sleeping with it makes unsightly pimples appear. But not so with Love Minerals. Love Minerals is…loooove!

So there. It’s BB Cream for lazy days at the mall or for times when I really need for my face to look almost flawless. For most days, it’s the ever dependable and gentle Love Minerals. =)


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