Korean side dishes — deeelish! =)

It’s a bit odd to focus on side dishes but these are really what I enjoyed during my trip to Korea last July.  When I dug around the photos I took of my trip, I realized that a substantial chunk of it was about food. Let me share with you some pics.

apricot side dish

I’m not sure what this is called, exactly. But it quickly became my favorite. Proof of this is how me and my friend Xarra went twice (or was it thrice?) in this hole-in-the-wall in Seoul just to get our “apricot” fix. Xarra said it could be pickled apricots. If you know what this is, please leave a comment below. =)

some kind of scrambled egg side dish

My second favorite is this — something like a scrambled egg side dish with some mashed peas mixed in. But I’m not so sure. What I’m sure of is how it tasted so damn good with my bowl of bibimbap. =)

black beans

And then there’s this little platter of black beans which also went well with my bibimbap. I’ve seen these mixed with rice in Korean dramas. City Hunter particularly comes to mind because in this drama, Lee Min HoTTT picks black beans out of his rice because he hates it. But me, I love it! “It” as in the black beans. But yeah, Lee Min HoTTT is good to look at, too. =P


And here’s the all-too-familiar kimchi. I’m glad to report that the Jewel in the Palace kimchi I buy from the supermarket (Uh, nope, I’m not kidding about the name) here in the Philippines tastes almost the same as the kimchi I tasted in Seoul. This makes me feel relieved because this means that the kimchi I buy here tastes authentic and Korean enough. =)


This is kimchi from a different hole-in-the-wall food place. It’s redder but not necessarily hotter. I still like it, though. =)

some kind of spicy soup

This is some kind of spicy soup which I slurped to the last drop, hehehe! I love spice! =)

pickled ginger

I don’t know what this is, but among the side dishes I tried, this was the one I hated the most. I thought it was diced tuna, but it tasted like pickled ginger. Yuck. Again, if you know what this is, kindly leave a comment below so I can avoid this side dish in the future. =)

Korean meal

This is how a meal with a galaxy of side dishes looks like.  And this is why eating Korean food is always gooood!  


7 comments on “Korean side dishes — deeelish! =)

  1. the first one is yellow pickled radish. tastes good and i like it with jjangmyun. but the ones i see in stores have ingredients bad for the health. i bought one before and there was a note that says “coloring is proven to cause cancer in animals.” wow. hahaha.

    • At least the makers of the pickled radish were thoughtful enough to “warn” you of the harmful coloring—but not before you’ve parted with your money, hahaha! =) Sige, I will look for this in stores. Glad it’s available here. Will have to take careful note of the label, though, hihihi. Thanks! =)

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