Loco over promos: Tony Moly is on sale!

Tony Moly, one of my favorite Korean cosmetics brands, went on sale! From January 27 to February 19, prices of selected items were slashed by 40 percent!

I bought a variety of face masks for my weekly use. I know I bought the Human Nature Purifying Facial Scrub recently to help me save money, but the 40%  discount is just too hard to resist.

Each mask pack contains a cotton-like material soaked in various natural extracts like chestnut peel, wine, and manuka honey, to name a few. You put this on for 15-20 minutes at night after cleansing and toning to give your face great moisture.

I’m liking Tony Moly face masks over other brands because I feel that the size of Tony Moly’s masks fit my face better. The ones from the other brands are just too big for my face. So even if the other brands also make my skin luminous and more moisturized, what makes Tony Moly my favorite is the way it delivers moisturized skin with the right mask size for my face.

February 19 ended a long time ago. But if you want to give Tony Moly’s face masks a try (and at discounted prices to boot!), fret not. I read from the Tony Moly Facebook page that their promo is extended:

  • Tony Moly SM Fairview – sale is until March 4
  • Tony Moly SM North – sale is until May 31
  • Tony Moly SM Manila – sale is until Feb 29
  • Tony Moly SM Megamall – sale is until May 6

I hope you can visit any of these branches and tell me what you think of their products, especially the face masks! =)


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