Spring is what we make of it (My favorite paintings from KCC-Philippines’ latest exhibit)

Spring is when flowers are in full bloom, its colors delighting the eyes and its sweet scents perfuming the air around us—or so says people who live in countries with four seasons. I wouldn’t really know. I live in a tropical country. =P

What I do know of Spring is what I see on TV and movies and of course, art works. And what I do know of Spring, I totally find enchanting. When I think of Spring, I think of that scene in the K-drama “49 Days” where Yi Kyung and The Scheduler (back when he was still not the Scheduler) walk around the park, pink blooms puffed out beautifully all around them.

On March 16, 2012, I gained new impressions of Spring when I went to the opening of  Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines’ Spring exhibit “A Season of Metaphors”. The exhibit showcases works by Filipino and Korean artists for the first Philippine-Korea Visual Arts Exchange.

There were a lot of interesting art works, and these are my favorites.


Space-vitality by KANG Nam-gu

I am attracted to the bold and bright colors of these pieces. The artist calls this a “dreamlike spring flower” and I couldn’t agree more. I suppose this is really how creative people dream!

Kakahuyan by Fidel Sarmiento

In the Filipino language, “kakahuyan” means something like “forest”. I like the way sunlight shows us little patches of beauty despite the darkness of the forest. I feel that this is a hopeful piece.

Quad Le Fleur by Ditas Belmonte-Dominguez

According to the artist, this piece was inspired by wild flowers in Tagaytay City in the Philippines, a place known for its colorful flowers. And truly, this painting reminds me of that place.

Symphony No. 4 by JANG Hye Sook

This is my ultimate favorite. There seems to be layers of feelings in this 4-piece work. There are heavy blacks despite the bright pinks and the soft violets. The bamboos in the series feels like the peaceful end of something. I feel that this whole piece says, “Spring is a happy time, but not all the time.”

So there, Spring according to the artists and Spring according to my mediated interpretation of it.  Throughout this exhibit, what I realized about this season is that it can mean so many things to so many people. So Spring is, I suppose, what artists and art enthusiasts make of it.

Do visit this exhibit at the Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines and find out for yourself what Spring means to you. =)


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