BMW ECO PRO Screensaver

Most of us are online all the time. This means that our computers, of course, are also turned on all the time. Consequently, we consume energy–lots of it, with all of us put together.

Want to save energy and the environment, as well? There’s an app for that. BMW has partnered with Antics Studios ( and Naga DDB to create an app that turns off your computer whenever it detects you’re not using it (after around 10 seconds or so), and intelligently turns it on again once your computer’s webcam recognizes your face.

This app, when installed in every new computer, will supposedly help the world reduce CO2 emissions by 50,000 kilos and save over 50 million US dollars in energy consumption.

Visit this link to learn more:

Note: I got my info from a press release sent by Antics Studios, Malaysia.


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